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K9 Videos

Orange County Police Canine Association 2018 Show 108Strong Presentation

The presentation of donated service dog to a veteran

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Orange County Police Canine Association 2016 Official Video

A video of our 2016 show. In the fall of each year, the OCPCA has continued the tradition of hosting their annual canine benefit show. At the exciting family show, you can see K-9 teams perform obedience, agility, apprehension, handler protection, explosive and narcotic detection.

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2012 Video Filmed by Marina High School Students

A video of the 2012 show, filmed and produced by the students of Marina High School. The OCPCA thanks you for your hard work!

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Decoy Headcam Show Video

Video from the decoy's headcam at our Fair show.

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2009 O.C. Fair Show Video

In 2009, the OCPCA was invited to the Orange County Fair to perform our annual show. We did two one hour shows in one night. The event was a great success! This a very short video of the event.

The link takes you to our Facebook fan page.

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2008 K9 Show Video

This is a video of our 2008 benefit show. The OCPCA would like to thank Falco K9 for taking the time to make this video.

Watch it.